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Introducing BAAZ's Management Team

Updated: Feb 1

We are very happy to introduce our management team. We believe that with such a strong management team, we will be able to accelerate our venture and become one of leading companies in the eVTOL industry. Here is our team:

1. Dr. Hossein MalekZadeh, founder of BAAZ GmbH, continues to be the CEO of the company.

2. Arne Lehmkuhl is appointed as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Arne has ten years of experience as CEO at various companies, as well as another ten years of experience as CFO. For seven years now, Arne leads his own company that offers consulting services for Finance and Management. He has an MBA and Interim Executive (EBS) degrees.

3. Kolja Högemeier will take over the role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Kolja has six years of experience as an Operational Manager, as well as seven years of experiences as project leader. Additionally, he is spending six years as CEO of his own company that offers project management services. Kolja has an MBA and Master of Electrical Engineering.

4. Dr. Thomas Bürvenich is appointed as Chief Information Officer (CIO). Thomas has seven years of experience as Patent Attorney and for four years has been co-founder of another startup offering software solutions. He was Postdoctoral in different Universities for example in Los Alamos National Laboratory. He has a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics.

5. Jacques Gatard is appointed as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Jacques has more than thirty years of experience in the aerospace R&D and Sales and has taken over roles for various positions, such as: nine years as Director of Aeronautics Business Development and two years as Director of Sales Aerospace for Europe and southeast Asia. He has an MBA in Aerospace and M.Sc. in Physics.


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