We had to shut down the project because we did not succeed in raising the capital we needed for the project.
We believed in our concept and our business model.
We thank everybody who was a part of this exciting journey in the last two years. 

We are building a fully electric air vehicle that takes off and lands vertically (eVTOL) and has a range longer than any of our competitors.

BAAZ is the only eVTOL capable of multiple intracity flights with one-time battery charging.


BAAZ’s distinctive architecture offers a unique combination of features: a higher payload, a range longer than any of our competitors, and greater versatility. This is complemented by increased safety and less noise, using minimum-risk, state-of-the-art technologies.

Thanks to its innovative concept, optimal aerodynamic design, and intelligent propulsion system, BAAZ is able to fulfill a wide range of customer needs and objectives, while keeping maintenance and flight costs lower than those of our competitors.

Our platform technology is capable of addressing new design parameters and constraints with minimal system changes.


BAAZ’s many advantages clearly distinguish it from the competition:

  • Longest range: The foldable wings are perfectly designed and positioned not only to increase flight range, but also to reduce the size of the aircraft with the goal of streamlining the parking process. This unprecedented design allows BAAZ to operate at the highest level of efficiency, saving energy, therefore, flying for longer, uninterrupted distances and or offering multiple flights. Taking off and landing is now made easy with our uniquely designed foldable wings, enabling BAAZ passengers to fly between large buildings and along narrow sky streets.

  • Extremely quiet and safer: The innovative design and positioning of the propellers minimizes noise, for instance by reducing rotational speed and using the latest noise-cancellation technologies. This in combination with our safety-first design enables BAAZ to offer safer flights compared to our competitors, even in the unlikely event of a malfunction or failure of the propellers.

  • Nimblest and smoothest: The above-mentioned features combined with BAAZ’s advanced propulsion system ensure fast, automated reactions to hazards and obstacles. In the event of failure, our innovatively designed safety system will fly and land passengers to safety. At the same time, this offers passengers a smooth and silent flight.

  • Versatile: The spacious interiors of BAAZ aircraft are fully customizable and thus appeal to many different consumer markets. BAAZ can be utilized as an air taxi for customer transportation, or for personal commuting, and can even serve the public sector as a police or ambulance eVTOL.

USP = Unique Selling Proposition

Use Case

BAAZ will redefine the meaning of efficient transportation, for both business and personal commuting, as well as maximizing lifestyle enhancement. Here is what BAAZ has to offer:

  • Dependable time management: Provides just-in-time or rapid commuting in order to reach airports, train stations and other destinations faster than ground transportation is capable of.

  • Time better spent: Provides exceptional commuting services for business purposes without the headache of traffic and rush hour.

  • Saving millions of lives: Assists healthcare and public health services by optimizing transportation of first responders and patients, without the usual obstacles an ambulance faces.

  • Emergency responses:  Can be used by police forces or other first-aid organizations or teams to assist people who are trapped, in danger and not reachable by other means.

  • More food and green space: Improves services, operations, and transport capabilities in other sectors as agriculture and utilities.

  • Expansion of our horizons: Enhances the appeal and service offering of the tourism sector with air-to-surface view, in order to enjoy sightseeing or nature. 


  • Personal services: Provides individuals and families with the option of faster and more efficient commuting services.


Innovative Technology


Not only do we excel in fulfilling FAA and EASA standards, but we go the extra mile by performing a multitude of additional measures and tests during the development of all BAAZ air vehicles. By integrating extra devices and tools to ensure we achieve a maximum safety eVTOL standard, BAAZ prioritizes safety above all and is thus able to offer the safest air vehicle on the market.


Inefficiently designed and noisy propellers are disruptive to the general population of the cities in which air vehicles fly. Not only is BAAZ equipped with noise cancellation technology, but its uniquely designed propeller combination makes BAAZ one of the quietest air vehicles currently on the market, with the capability to completely overtake competitors and therefore increase its market.


BAAZ’s unique design makes it the longest-range eVTOL. It can therefore be used as a dual-purpose air vehicle, i.e., both for intercity travel and intracity commutes. Although the first BAAZ model will be specifically designed for intracity use as a shuttle, air taxi, and emergency first responder, the second one will offer intercity flights with just a minor change in the design and energy technology.


BAAZ is capable of carrying a load of up to five passengers, totaling up to 600 kg. Its sleek design and spacious cabin make it the ideal choice for hospitals, first aid responders, law enforcement, news agencies and more. In order to fit any situation, the back seats are completely removable to make space for the relevant equipment such as stretchers, cameras or anything else you may require.


We at BAAZ thrive on innovation. Challenging ourselves with novel concepts while revolutionizing air vehicles is what drives us. We understand that companies lacking innovative ideas, procedures and technologies are destined to fail. BAAZ’s superiority is reflected in its innovation, which is pioneered by its strong design and manufacturing teams, as well as by its contributors.


Propeller efficiency is one of the most important parameters of any air vehicle that utilizes rotating blades. Our optimal propellers enable BAAZ to operate in the most efficient state in order to cover longer distances and perform multiple flights. Our energy-saving design allows BAAZ to operate for longer periods at a time and, as a result, offer better value when it comes to flight prices.


Boasting multiple control systems that ensure the safest flight, BAAZ also has a unique arrangement of rotors that enable it to react quickly against any obstacles or hazards, including birds that may disrupt the flight. Our eVTOL is equipped with flaps and rudders that additionally contribute to smooth maneuvering, no matter the challenge.

Fully electric

In view of the ongoing development of batteries and hydrogen fuel cells BAAZ will be offered in the medium term with batteries for intracity flights, and in the long term with hydrogen fuel cells for intercity flights. The bottom line: Whatever the market, BAAZ will remain fully electric, promising its customers an emission-free ride.


We devote extra attention to all those factors that ensure flights are as safe and smooth as possible for our passengers. Additionally, BAAZ’s large passenger area is equipped with the latest connection technologies, making flights particularly comfortable and convenient. At BAAZ, we see ourselves as an orchestra ensemble whose aim is to create a masterpiece.



The speed of an aircraft is dependent on many factors such as its aerodynamics, weight and propulsion technology. Although simulations are helpful, true values of speed can be measured only after the aircraft has undergone flight testing. Comparing our technology to that of our competitors assures us that BAAZ will be one of the fastest eVTOLs currently on the market.


With the aim of becoming a leader in the eVTOL industry, our organization is partnering internationally with other companies in order to collect, synthesize and analyze all data pertaining to our intellectual property. We utilize various technologies such as predictive analytics, AI, and ML to ensure the highest standards of safety and service.

 Top Quality Internationally

Through years of experience in top German companies and international connections, BAAZ's team benefits from the finest expertise at all levels of production, from development and testing all the way through to certification. By combining the best international technologies and a diverse network of collaborators and suppliers, the quality of BAAZ as a first-class product is all but assured.

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Partnership, Investment


We welcome partnerships with strategic players in the eVTOL field, whether technical, operational, or financial.


We also invite qualified investors, VCs and CVCs who are interested in our project to contact us.


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