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BAAZ is a uniquely designed fully electric Air-Vehicle that takes off and lands vertically. It is safer and quieter than helicopters.

With its innovative concept, optimal aerodynamic design, and revolutionary propellers, BAAZ is very safest, extremely efficient and comparably very silent eVTOL on the market.

The size, features, and functions of BAAZ make it accessible to a wide range of customers.

BAAZ's capabilities include surmounting ground obstacles, offering a new perspective of life and providing individuals of discerning taste with the high-class lifestyle they enjoy.


Our Concept

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Use Case


With a powerful team combined with different experts in the field of

  • Aerospace

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Batteries

  • Electrical Vehicles

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Robotics


we have special advantages, that distinguishes us from the competitor, for example:

  • we appreciate innovation and determined to use them in our eVTOL

  • we understand aerospace and aircraft design

  • we have experience in electro-mobility

  • we have a wide knowledge to identify the most important parameters of eVTOLs

  • and we have analyzed all competitors and their concepts and built up the best viable concept

from the very beginning we are confident that BAAZ will not only compete with the existing eVTOLs, but will also boast the following advantages: 

  • BAAZ will react quicker to obstacles or hazards and therefore will be one of the safest Air Vehicle on the market.

  • BAAZ will use less energy for the same distance that other eVTOLs will consume.

  • BAAZ will be quieter than the helicopters and produce less dust because of its special propeller configuration.

  • BAAZ will have the best flying dynamics and stability.

  • BAAZ will take off on land in a comparably small area.


BAAZ will change the definition of  efficient transportation, for both business or personal commuting, as well as maximizing lifestyle enhancement. Here is what BAAZ has to offer

  • Have an impact on healthcare and public health by optimizing transportation of first responders and patients, without traditional obstacles an ambulance faces, such as traffic or lack of cooperation of other drivers, transporting patients in a timely manner.

  • Aid EMS, FEMA, and other emergency response teams by assisting people who are trapped, in danger and not reachable by other means.

  • Improve viewing and transport capabilities in other sectors such as agriculture and utilities.

  • Have impact on Just-In-Time or Rapid Commute in order to reach airports, train stations and other destinations faster than ground transportation is capable of.

  • Provide exceptional commuting for business purposes without the headache of traffic and rush hour.

  • Utilization capabilities in the tourism sector with Air to Surface view in order to enjoy beautiful views of our planet and appreciate the environment.

  • Have quicker and more efficient personal and family commutes.



Dr. Hossein MalekZadeh

Founder & CEO

Some of Experiences:

  • Head of Test & Task-Force Manager at Valeo-Siemens eAutomotive GmbH

  • Chief Engineer at Valeo

  • Postdoctoral at Technical University of Munich


  • Ph.D. in Physics from Johann Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt

Dr. Thomas Bürvenich

Chief Data Officer

Some of Experiences:

  • Patent Attorney

  • Postdoctoral at Los Alamos National Laboratory


  • Ph.D. in Physics from Johann Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt

Technical Contributions

Up to now we have had many experts in different fields who has helped us to achieve our distinctive design:

  • Nr. of Ph.D. in Aerospace: 4

  • Nr. of Ph.D. in Electrical Eng.: 1

  • Nr. of M.Sc. in Aerospace: 3

  • Nr. of M.Sc. in Mechanical Eng.: 4

  • Nr. of M.Sc. in Electrical Eng.: 1

  • Nr. of B.Sc. in Chemical Eng.: 1

  • Nr. of M.Sc. in Robotics: 1

Other Contributions

We are well back up with experts in the following fields:

  • Strategic Alliances and Novel Technologies

  • Business Development

  • Marketing & Communication

  • Finance, Fund Raising and Investor Relations

Because our aim is to offer the safest and the most innovative eVTOL we are in close contact with some of well-known and respectful respected organizations and universities, for example:

Untitled Project_00012.jpg

Investment / Partnership

We welcome partnerships with strategic players in the eVTOL space, whether technical, operational, or financial. For example, we invite qualified investors, VCs and CVCs who can help us to accelerate the project with their technical and financial support to contact us.

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